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Briefs 11 brings more sold-out mayhem to Waterloo East

Briefs 11 was a big hit at Waterloo East Theatre last night as nine more short plays joined the now 79-strong canon of pieces to be performed at the scratch night.

What Would Andrew Lincoln Do?, When I Wake, Tiddlywinks, The Night Tella, Meal For One, Past Tense, Dead Lucy, Hell Is A Bingo Club and Flat Share People were performed perfectly by the company of 19 actors, with audience members rushing to share their enjoyment on Twitter:

Meet the cast of Briefs 11

Briefs 11 is rolling around on Wednesday, January 27, so it’s high time to introduce the faces of the actors who’ll be storming Waterloo East Theatre with the nine short plays on the line-up.

Tickets are on sale NOW from right here.

In no particular order, we have…

HELL IS A BINGO CLUB by Michael Staniforth

Hell Is A Bingo Club

Juanita Mora directs a cast of (l-r) Jonathan Cobb, Christopher Cohen, Katherine Edrupt and Thomas Wingfield in this punchy, funny scene about the kind of job interview nightmares are made of.

THE NIGHT TELLA by Sarah Milton

Sarah Milton

Multi-talented Sarah Milton performs her own piece under the direction of Sara Joyce, taking inspiration from Hilaire Belloc’s Tarantella.

FLAT SHARE PEOPLE by Roberta Morris


Writer Roberta Morris (far right) stars as a woman with a male flatmate (Jack Gogarty) who brings a familiar girl back from a night out (Natalie Lester, centre). Max Attard directs.

DEAD LUCY by Natasha Sutton Williams


Dead Lucy, written and performed by Sutton Williams, is about what it says on the tin in the title. It’s very dark, and very funny. Dominic McHale directs.

PAST TENSE by Shaun Kitchener


A woman has an uncomfortable issue to confront with her best friend, who’s about to get married. Georgia Robson and Sophie Mackenzie star, while Alex Di Cuffa directs.

TIDDLYWINKS by Sonali Bhattacharyya


Two parents (Sheila Atim, left, and Alexandra D’Sa, centre) are called in for a meeting with their kids’ teacher (Francesca Meaby, right). Rob Ellis directs.


What Would Andrew Lincoln Do

A blind date takes an assortment of twists and turns in this sweet and funny comedy, starring Jake Mitchell and writer James Robert-Moore. Joe Allan directs.

WHEN I WAKE by Milly Rolle


A woman ponders her existence over a casual Pot Noodle in Milly Rolle’s monologue, which she performs herself under the direction of Martha Geelan.

MEAL FOR ONE by Michael Staniforth

Meal For One

Last but not least, Jamie-Rose Monk plays an over-friendly cashier and James Callas Ball an unimpressed customer in Michael Staniforth’s comedy, which Roberta Morris directs.

Briefs tickets are on sale right here, right now.

Briefs 11 line-up revealed

It’s had a few months’ rest but Briefs roars back for its 11th edition on Wednesday, January 27.

The nine-strong line-up boasts five pieces from first-time Briefs contributors and four from returning writers, with three monologues, three two-handers and lots of all-round humour on the agenda.

Find out more about all of the pieces below, book tickets here and look out for casting announcements very soon. Browse the entire Briefs archive here.

Christmas Farce is a smash hit at Rosemary Branch Theatre

Christmas Farce has completed its short premiere stint at the Rosemary Branch Theatre and was a huge success, running to an average of 95% audience capacity across its run.

With a five-star review from LondonTheatre1 also under its belt, it rounds off a fantastic year for West Avenue – one which has also spawned double-bill Caravan and Pin, the biggest adventure yet for Positive and four more massive Briefs events.

Starring Natalie Lester, Christopher Cohen, Katherine Edrupt, Roberta Morris, Timothy George, Jack Gogarty, William Sebag-Montefiore and Jamie-Rose Monk, the Hannah Rowley-directed play had audiences in hysterics and earned a unanimously positive response on social media.

Here’s hoping it returns for new adventures in 2016.