Briefs 12 line-up revealed

Four weeks ahead of the 12th night of Briefs, we can today unveil the eight short plays set to be performed.

The night brings together an eclectic mix of pieces, by both new and returning writers.

In Ali Dunk’s Lick, a woman appears to be on a run-of-the-mill date in a run-of-the-mill restaurant, but as things quickly unravel, there’s much more to this particular night out than expected.

Rob Ellis‘s Best Men sees titular characters Josh and Solomon anxiously greeting guests at their friend’s wedding; each growing increasingly aware that there’s one glaring obstacle stopping the ceremony from going ahead.

In The 27-Year-Old Virgin, writer James Robert-Moore finds a particularly unexpected location for a meet-cute, and in Roberta Morris‘s Them Other Guys, a pair of solicitors oversee a particularly nasty split.

Solicitors also creep up in Shaun Kitchener’s Bad Reception, where a pair of business partners (and former life partners) are watching their law firm circle the drain; while Ryan J Brown‘s latest comedy puts stagey parents under the spotlight.

Martha Geelan‘s Potato Salad finds a couple standing on a door-step ahead of a dinner party that they’re not particularly excited about and, finally, Naomi Joseph’s poignant Motherland takes us to a rugby match through the eyes of a spectator with quite the story to tell.

Briefs 12 plays on Wednesday, April 6 at Waterloo East Theatre.

Tickets cost £12 and will be on sale in due course.

Casting announcements to follow.


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