Briefs turns 18: Submit short scripts for new writing night

Our new writing night Briefs is well-rested after an eight month break – and now, sporting a lovely tan, it’ll be returning to London’s Waterloo East Theatre on Thursday, March 22 for its 18th edition.

This means you have until Friday, February 16 to submit short scripts for the night.

No lavish formats, no themes – just send in what you’ve got; whether it’s a standalone piece or an extract from a longer work-in-progress. Monologue, sketch comedy, musical, the use of a dustpan as a wine glass… we’ve seen it all, and we’re open to (…pretty much) anything – as long as it’s approximately ten minutes long, and relatively easy to stage in a scratch night environment.

West Avenue will assign each chosen piece with a cast and director, but if you already have artists attached, that’s fine – just make sure you make that clear when you submit. The only stipulation is that everyone is free on the afternoon of Thursday, March 22, for the tech and dress rehearsals. It’ll be the director’s job to sort rehearsals – typically pieces tend to rehearse two or three times before the big day. This being a fringe-based, low-fi, large-cast show, unfortunately there is no payment for any of us involved.

Send us the script and any questions you may have to by end of play on Friday, February 16. Page numbers are a big plus, and so is a PDF.


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