Briefs 19: Line-up revealed as new writing night passes 5th birthday

More than five years after a modest debut at the Rosemary Branch in 2013, Briefs is gearing up for its 19th edition – complete with one of the strongest line-ups yet.

Nine new short pieces will be staged at the Waterloo East Theatre on Thursday 6th September, courtesy of an incredible collective of writers, actors and directors.


In no particular order, the pieces on offer this time are:


Josie Farmer directs this beautifully written two-hander about grief and family. Abigail Lawrie and Will Pinhey star.

TAXIDERMICON by Lewis Garvey

Lewis Garvey writes and directs this dark comedy set at a somewhat unusual convention, with a cast including Abigail Bailey, Amber Muldoon, George Ronayne and Freddie Van Der Velde.

OPPOSITES DETRACT by Rhiannon Tricklebank-Owens

Two friends – one of whom has recently become a parent – address their vastly different lives, and their perceptions of each-other, in this warm comedy – performed by Sharita Oomeer and Natalie Winter, with direction from Nat Kennedy.

BABY LOVE by Madeline Gould

Sam Barrett directs Jeannie Dickinson, Ross Kernahan and Kate Llewellyn in this dark piece that gradually exposes a deeply unsettling undercurrent.

Extract from IN THE BLUE (working title) by Shaun Kitchener

Miles Parker directs Dan Connolly and Ben Fensome in this first scene from a longer mid-development piece, in which a hook-up between two strangers gets more than a little awkward.

BIRTHDAY by Amy Guyler

Robbie Curran and Rosa French play two people chatting online – where there’s more to it than meets the eye. Simon Paris directs.

TWELVE by Shamini Bundell

Carl Blades, Paul Giddings and Aidan Valentine play three footmen with no idea they are supporting players in one of the most iconic stories of all time. Rob Ellis directs.


A dead woman has quite the story to tell in this darkly comic monologue, directed by Danäe Cambrook and performed by Julia Pagett.

INCENDIARY by Mark Jones

A fiery monologue – in more ways than one – performed by Chris Hoskins, with direction from Emily Layton.


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