It Never Rains


White Bear Theatre (April 2013), Etcetera Theatre (November 2012)

It Never Rains is a one-act two-hander about a former couple thrown back together by a huge storm. A year after their split, Aimee visits Conor before he flies abroad with some of his stuff that she never got round to returning, but when the dramatic weather arrives earlier than forecast, she’s unable to leave. And there’s only so long the awkward small talk can carry on for…


Writer: Shaun Kitchener

Director: Shaun Kitchener

Producer: AXIS Arts (2013), Shaun Kitchener (2012)


White Bear Theatre 2013
Aimee – Natalie Lester
Conor – Edward McClean

Etcetera Theatre 2012
Aimee – Jamie-Rose Monk
Conor – Will Austin


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